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Woven Furniture in some or the style is one of the most basic art forms of furniture all around the world.

We, Faisal International have something new to go about this. What could be even more innovative than to merge in two or more different art forms of different nations with an Indian touch and produce some new once of their own kind! Such an outcome are not only unique but also would make any passing-by to stop for a moment, stare, think, self-question and smile back with an utter of a wow! shrug with a feel of happiness and sigh with a wonder & self-content.

We will have much more to present in the future, at the meantime scroll down and find how our woven furniture can takes on your home's decor.
Decorative woven furniture web in materials like Silk threads, Malai Dori, Chinndi (100% cotton), Jute, and in various recycled materials.
In this section of furniture, our hand woven furniture includes artworks of very unique, rare and innovative pieces that ought to be lovable. Embrace the old heritage of India and Indian sub-continents in their traditional and modern versions.
Scroll down and find a range of such artistic Indian furniture and bring a part of India into your room.

Hand-woven Silk Daybed/Bench

Chinndi Furniture (100% Cotton woven)