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Kelim Stool
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Kilim short stool

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Kilim Bench Kelim

Kilim Foot Stool

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Kilim Stool

Kilim furniture as the name go by itself are a kind of furniture products whereby kilim (or Dhurry, or Flat weave rug) are very stylishly wrapped up on a piece of a beautiful wooden crafted frame in different shapes & sizes.

Faisal International, the company being a direct supplier, perhaps a self-manufacturer of Kilims along with variety of carpets, and in addition a producer of furniture as well, our ease of hand at custom made 'kilim furniture' lets us not only produce awestruck and very adorable kilim furniture, but this also lets us produce such adjective items reasonably at low costs.
Have you any Kilim rug but no appropriate combo kilim furniture(kilim stools, benches, sofas, etc)or vice versa, just wave a hand to us and we shall knock back your door with one just as required for your very home decor enhancement.

Point us out and let us work out on any desired design to match up with your flooring perhaps with your entire interiors.

Kilim Designed Chair