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Carpets and Rugs Manufacturers in India

Rug Stool

Low Heels Rug Stool

Bi-colored Woven Bed/Bench

Basket Stool

Multi-colored Fancy Stool

Foldable Ottoman

Silver Foldable Chair

Rug Bench

A HANDMADE by far are the Real Gifts of Love to show, to offer and to pay.

We offer Quality Furniture & accessories Handcrafted by local skillful Craftsmen. Each piece of furniture is carefully handcrafted and finished with environmentally friendly methods under the International guidelines set up.

The business of this provides valued employment to more than 50 people directly and more on a self-employed piecework basis. These activities especially create financial independence for local women not only it contribute extra to their family but also challenge them to develop the necessary skills and improve their Education, Self‐esteem and Lifestyle.

Woven Bed/Bench

Malae Dori Stool

Silver Stool


Straw Basket